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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 59. Of the Duleweid. I

The burning sparkis of Helens angells ee,
But missing any, woundit eviry wicht
That come within the boushot of her sicht ;
Bot Love, vhose harte compassion had to see

Sa many lovers, but redemption, dee,
Vha war attrapit with so sueet a slicht,
In murning blak he cled this beutie bricht,
As funerall mark and handsenjie to be.

But all in vane, alace ! I must confes ;
For why? a thousand lovers not the les,
Thoght they persaivd that Burrio Death to bost

Within [hir] eyis, and sau him vhar he sat,
Jit feirles ran they, not withstanding that,
To se these eyis ; and syn gaiv vp the ghost.

Alexander Montgomerie

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