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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 51. To The for Me

Suete Nichtingale ! in holene grene that han[ts,]
To sport thy self, and speciall in the spring ;
Thy chivring chirlis, vhilks changinglie thou [chants,]
Maks all the roches round about the ring ;

Vhilk slaiks my sorou, so to heir the sing,
And lights my louing langour at the leist ;
Jit thoght thou sees not, sillie, saikles thing !
The piercing pykis brods at thy bony breist.

Euin so am I, by plesur lykuyis preist,
In gritest danger vhair I most delyte :
Bot since thy song, for shoring, hes not ceist,
Suld feble I, for feir, my conqueis quyt ?

Na, na Ч I love the, freshest Phoenix fair !
In beuty, birth, in bounty but compair.

Alexander Montgomerie

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