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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 50. Of My Lady Seyton

                   M. M. 

O happy star, at evning and at morne,
Vhais bright aspect my maistres first out [fand !]
O happy credle ! and O happy hand
Vhich rockit hir the hour that sho wes b[orne !]

O happy pape, je rather nectar hor[ne,]
First gaiv hir suck, in siluer suedling band !
O happy wombe consavit had beforne
So brave a beutie, honour of our land !

O happy bounds, vher dayly jit scho duells,
Vhich Inde and Egypts happynes excells !
O happy bed vharin sho sall be laid !

O happy babe in belly sho sail breid !
Bot happyer he that hes that hap indeid,
To mak both wyfe and mother of that [maid.]

Alexander Montgomerie

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