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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 22. To His Aduersars Lauyers

Presume not, Prestone, Stirling is no strenth ;
Suppose je come to cleik auay my King,
Beleiv me baith, je sail be lost at lenth ;
Assure jour selfis, and think nane other thing.

Byde je the brash, vhill I my battrie bring.
For all jour Craig, vharin je so confyde,
Experience will play jou sik a spring.
Sail pluk jour pennis, and pacifie jour pryde.

I sail beseige jou sa on euirie syde,
Jour baggage, buluarks, sail not be na buit ;
Je sail not haif ane hoill jour heids to hyde,
Fra tym je caus my cannoun royal shuit.

Haif at jour rocks and ramparts with a rattill ;
Sho shuits so Sharpe, je dou not byde a brattill.

Alexander Montgomerie

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