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Poem by Alexander Montgomerie

Sonnet 1. To the Blessed Trinity

SVPREME Essence, beginning, vnbegun,
Ay Trinall Ane, ane vndevydit Three,
Etemall Word, vha victorie hes wun
Ouir death, ouir hell, triumphing on the trie,

Forknavlege, Wysdome, and All-seing Ee,
lehovah, Alpha and Omega, All,
Lyk vnto nane, nor nane lyk vnto Thee,
Vnmovt vha movis the rounds about the Ball,

Contener vnconteind; is, was, and sail
Be, sempitemall, mercifull, and just.
Creator vncreatit, nou I call.

Teich me Thy treuth, since vnto Thee I trust,
Incres, confirme, and strenthen from aboue
My faith, my hope, and, by the lave, my loue.

Alexander Montgomerie

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