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Poem by William Kennish

Reflections on Man (O Man! reflect on what thou art)

O Man! reflect on what thou art, 
And let not pride deceive thy heart, 
For here below poor mortals are  
Dependant on their Makers care. 
To travel onwards is our doom 
With rapid strides towards the tomb, 
The space between our life and death 
Is measured only by a breath! 
Such is the fate of all mankind, 
For no exception canst thou find, 
The present time is all that can 
Be truly çalld the life of man! 
Then what we now enjoy is all, 
As what is past we cant recall, 
And whats to come is futures own, 
A thing uncertain, and unknown. 
Yet future hope, Mans certain friend 
When based on Christ as aim and end, 
Will cheer him thro lifes thorny road, 
Whilst struggling on to meet his God.

William Kennish

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