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Poem by Mathilde Blind

Autumn Tints

Coral.coloured yew-berries
   Strew the garden ways,
Hollyhocks and sunflowers
   Make a dazzling blaze
   In these latter days.

Marigolds by cottage doors
   Flaunt their golden pride,
Crimson-punctured bramble leaves
   Dapple far and wide
   The green mountain-side.

Far away, on hilly slopes
   Where fleet rivulets run,
Miles on miles of tangled fern,
   Burnished by the sun,
   Glow a copper dun.

For the year that's on the wane,
   Gathering all its fire,
Flares up through the kindling world
   As, ere they expire,
   Flames leap high and higher.

Mathilde Blind

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