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Poem by Mathilde Blind

Once We Played

ONCE we played at love together--
    Played it smartly, if you please;
Lightly, as a windblown feather,
    Did we stake a heart apiece.

Oh, it was delicious fooling!
    In the hottest of the game,
Without thought of future cooling,
    All too quickly burned Life's flame.

In this give-and-take of glances,
    Kisses sweet as honey dews,
When we played with equal chances,
    Did you win, or did I lose?

Was your heart then hurt to bleeding,
    In the ardour of the throw?
Was it then I lost, unheeding,
    Lost my heart so long ago?

Who shall say? The game is over.
    Of us two who loved in fun,
One lies low beneath the clover,
    One lies lonely in the sun.

Mathilde Blind

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