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Poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Written at the Kings Arms, Ross, 
Formerly the House of The Man of Ross

RICHER than miser oer his countless hoards,
Nobler than kings or king-polluted lords,
Here dwelt the Man of Ross! O traveller, hear!
Departed merit claims a reverent tear.
Friend to the friendless, to the sick man health,
With generous joy he viewed his modest wealth;
He heard the widows heaven-breathed prayer of praise,
He marked the sheltered orphans tearful gaze,
Or where the sorrow-shrivelled captive lay,
Poured the bright blaze of freedoms noontide ray.
Beneath this roof if thy cheered moments pass,
Fill to the good mans name one grateful glass:
To higher zest shall memory wake thy soul,
And virtue mingle in the ennobled bowl.
But if, like me, through lifes distressful scene
Lonely and sad thy pilgrimage hath been,
And if, thy breast with heart-sick anguish fraught,
Thou journeyest onward tempest-tossed in thought,
Here cheat thy cares! in generous visions melt,
And dream of goodness thou hast never felt!

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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