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Poem by Thomas Gent

Written in the Album of the Lady of Counsellor D. Pollock

Joy to thee, Lady! many years of joy
  To theeand thinethat springtide of the heart,
The bliss of virtuous love, without alloy.
  And all that health and gladsome life impart.
How gracefully hast thou thy task perform'd,
  The watchful tender mother, matchless wife;
All woman boaststhou hast indeed adorn'd
  Thine the high merit of an useful life.
For ever cheerful, though the Tragic Muse1
  May call thee Sister, both in form and mind;
Thou do'st to all those envied charms transfuse,
  Which shine so highly temper'd and refined.
Lady reveredthe sunbeam and the rose
  Are poor in beauty to sweet woman's smiles:
'Tis the bright sunset of life's awful close,
  The Poet's deathless wreath! a spell all grief beguiles!

1 The Lady, to whom these lines are addressed has been greatly noticed for the strong resemblance she bears to Mrs. Siddons.

Thomas Gent

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