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Poem by Thomas Gent

On a Delightful Drawing in my Album

By my friend, T. WOODWARD, ESQ., of a Group, consisting of a
Donkey, a Boy, and a Dog.

Welcome, my pretty Neddywelcome too
Thy merry Rider with his apron blue;
And thou, poor Dog, most patient thing of all,
Begging for morsels that may never fall!
Oh! 'tis a faithful groupand it might shame
Painters of bold pretence, and greater name
To see how nature triumphs, and how rare
Such matchless proofs of Nature's triumphs are
The smallest particle of sand may tell
With what rich ore Pactolus' tide may swell:
And Woodward! this ingenious, chaste design,
Proclaims what treasures lie within the mine
Pupil of CooperNature's favorite son
Whom, but to name, and to admire, is one!

Thomas Gent

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