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Poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Prisoner

I lash and writhe against my prison bars,
And watch with sullen eyes the gaping crowd . . 
Give me my freedom and the burning stars,
The hollow sky, and crags of moonlit cloud! 

Once I might range across the trackless plain,
And roar with joy, until the desert air 
And wide horizons echoed it amain:
I feared no foe, for I was monarch there! 

I saw my shadow on the parching sand,
When the hot sun had kissed the mountains rim; 
And when the moon rose oer long wastes of land,
I sought my prey by some still rivers brim; 

And with me my fierce love, my tawny mate,
Meet mother of strong cubs, meet lions bride . . 
We made our lair in regions desolate,
The solitude of wildernesses wide. 

They slew her . . . and I watched the life-blood flow
From her torn flank, and her proud eyes grow dim:
I howled her dirge above her while the low,
Red moon clomb up the black horizons rim. 

Me, they entrapped . . . cowards! They did not dare
To fight. as brave men do, without disguise,
And face my unleashed rage! The hidden snare
Was their device to win an untamed prize. 

I am a captive . . . not for me the vast,
White dome of sky above the blinding sand, 
The sweeping rapture of the desert blast
Across long ranges of untrodden land! 

Yet still they fetter not my thought! In dreams
I, desert-born, tread the hot wastes once more, 
Quench my deep thirst in cool, untainted streams,
And shake the darkness with my kingly roar!

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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