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Poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Song of the Sea-Wind

When the sun sets over the long blue wave
I spring from my couch of rest,
And I hurtle and boom over leagues of foam 
That toss in the weltering west,
I pipe a hymn to the headlands high, 
My comrades forevermore,
And I chase the tricksy curls of foam 
OТer the glimmering sandy shore. 

The moon is my friend on clear, white nights
When I ripple her silver way,
And whistle blithely about the rocks 
Like an elfin thing at play;
But anon I ravin with cloud and mist 
And wail Тneath a curdled sky,
When the reef snarls yon like a questing beast, 
And the frightened ships go by. 

I scatter the dawn across the sea
Like wine of amber flung
From a crystal goblet all far and fine 
Where the morning star is hung;
I blow from east and I blow from west 
Wherever my longing be-
The wind of the land is a hindered thing 
But the ocean wind is free!

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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