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Poem by Royall Tyler

A Prologue to be Spoken by Mr. Frankley

To shew the vile intentions of the mind
To paint the real vices of mankind
To drag out crimes conceal'd in shades of night
To fetch the lurking mischief to the light
To shew the effects of every baleful ill
By black examples drawn with wondrous skill
For this the Drama first adorned the stage
Checking the progress of a vicious age
Here see our crimes and follies all portray'd
The road to virtue joy and bliss display'd
This proves the wisdom of the heavenly plan
That the perverseness in the heart of man
But here our authur far exceeds the rest
He dwelt unnotic'd in the villian's breast
There saw how treason from the infernal seed
Sprung forth increas'd and ripen'd for the deed
While Satan pouring in the invenom'd gall
Conducted guided and assisted all
Far distant since before the world began
Or ever being claim'd a kindred Man
Within the blest abodes of heaven above
The empyreal regions of eternal love
Satan that first old vile arch traitor fell
And drew with him his Myriads to rebel
The great Supreme in vengeance quick prepar'd
A fi'ry prison treason's just reward
And thunders rolling from the Almighty's throne
To hells dark center drove the traitors down
So Judas too when he his Lord betray'd
Was sent to his own place by justice made
There join'd by kindred souls with similar guilt
Fell weighty vengeance for the blood they've spilt
Thus Heaven and Earth were freed the traitors now
Were all imprison'd in the shades below
No more to rove the realms of joy and peace
With war sedition slaughter and distress
But see and wonder that our happy Land
Where freedom arms a patriotic band
Where mild and equal Laws by wisdom giv'n
Form a most fair epitome of Heaven
Should be defac'd by treasons noxious breath
Should in its bosom keep and cherish death
Transgress the first great Law make nature groan
And rob Newgate and Satan of their own
Ye sons of freedom rouse avert your shame
Pursue the glories of your dawning fame
Distinguish well your friends from artful foes
These you'll reject but honour pay to those
Establish firm the Fabric you've begun
To last and shine as long as yonder sun
Nor sooner fall than when the King of Kings
Brings to a final close all earthy things.

Royall Tyler

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