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Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Biography

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Prolific poet and journalist Ella Wheeler Wilcox was born in Johnstown, Wisconsin. As a teenager, she published poems in the Waverly Magazine and Leslies Weekly. She studied at the University of Wisconsin, but left after just a year to focus on her writing. Wilcoxs essays appeared widely in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, and she wrote popular poetry, generally in plain, rhyming verse. She published her first book, Drops of Water (1872), when she was 22 years old. 60,000 copies of her book Poems of Passion (1883) were sold over the course of just two years. Her other poetry collections include Poems of Experience (1910), Poems of Peace (1906), and Shells (1873).

Wilcox also published books of fiction, including A Woman of the World (1904), Sweet Danger (1892), A Double Life (1890), and Mal Moulée (1885), and two autobiographies, The Worlds and I (1918) and The Story of a Literary Career (1905).

She died on October 30, 1919 at her home in Short Beach, Connecticut.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox's Poems:
  1. The Actor
  2. Winter Rain
  3. I Love You
  4. Loves Language
  5. Angel or Demon
  6. The World's Need
  7. The Traveller
  8. The Snowflake
  9. Dawn
  10. The Year

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