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Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Loves Language

How does Love speak? 
In the faint flush upon the tell-tale cheek, 
And in the pallor that succeeds it; by
The quivering lid of an averted eye 
The smile that proves the parent to a sigh 
Thus doth Love speak.

How does Love speak? 
By the uneven heart-throbs, and the freak
Of bounding pulses that stand still and ache, 
While new emotions, like strange barques, make
Along vein-channels their disturbing course; 
Still as the dawn, and with the dawns swift force 
Thus doth Love speak.

How does Love speak? 
In the avoidance of that which we seek 
The sudden silence and reserve when near 
The eye that glistens with an unshed tear 
The joy that seems the counterpart of fear, 
As the alarmed heart leaps in the breast, 
And knows, and names, the greets its god-like guest 
Thus doth Love speak.

How doth Love speak? 
In the proud spirit suddenly grown meek 
The haughty heart grown humble; in the tender
And unnamed light that floods the world with splendour, 
In the resemblance which the fond eyes trace
In all things to one beloved face; 
In the shy touch of hands that thrill and tremble; 
In looks and lips that can no more dissemble 
Thus doth Love speak.

How doth Love speak? 
In the wild words that uttered seem so weak
They shrink ashamed to silence; in the fire
Glance strikes with glance, swift flashing high and higher, 
Like lightnings that precede the mighty storm; 
In the deep, soulful stillness; in the warm, 
Impassioned tide that sweeps through throbbing veins, 
Between the shores of keen delights and pains; 
In the embrace where madness melts in bliss, 
And in convulsive rapture of a kiss 
Thus doth Love speak.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Poem Theme: Love

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