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James McIntyre (Джеймс Макинтайр)

Lines on Woodstock

We fancy the lustre of the old town is reflected
on the new. English Woodstock was a royal residence.

English Woodstock had a Palace
Where the Queen in jealous malice
Slew romance's fairest flower,
Fair Rosamond, in secret bower,
Our Woodstock, pleasant county town-
(This brings it both wealth and renown)-
To your strong castle some are sent
For to give them leisure to repent,
And the Reeves will, in their bounty,
Build court house worthy of the county.
A charming vista you do view,
Gazing on each street and Avenue,
Mansions and lawns embowered 'mong trees
Where wealthy owners live at ease ;
And through the air there sweetly floats
Harmonious Woodstock organ notes,
And men employment secure
In Factory for Furniture ;
And the pacing of your horses
It is famed o'er many courses.
Old Oxford was a seat of knowledge,
Woodstock it hath a fine College. 

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