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George MacDonald (Джордж Макдональд)

The Gospel Women. 10. Pilate's Wife

  Why came in dreams the low-born man
      Between thee and thy rest?
  In vain thy whispered message ran,
      Though justice was its quest!

  Did some young ignorant angel dare--
      Not knowing what must be,
  Or blind with agony of care--
      To fly for help to thee?

  I know not. Rather I believe,
      Thou, nobler than thy spouse,
  His rumoured grandeur didst receive,
      And sit with pondering brows,

  Until thy maidens' gathered tale
      With possible marvel teems:
  Thou sleepest, and the prisoner pale
      Returneth in thy dreams.

  Well mightst thou suffer things not few
      For his sake all the night!
  In pale eclipse he suffers, who
      Is of the world the light.

  Precious it were to know thy dream
      Of such a one as he!
  Perhaps of him we, waking, deem
      As poor a verity.

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