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William Topaz McGonagall (Уильям Топаз Макгонаголл)

Colinton Dell and its Surroundings

Ye lovers of the picturesque, away! away!
To the beautiful Dell of Colinton, and have a holiday;
And bask in the sunshine and inhale the pure air
Emanating from the beautiful trees and shrubberies there.
There the butterfly and the bee can be seen on the wing
And with the singing of the birds the Dell doth ring;
While the innocent trout  do sport and play
In the pools of water all the day.
Therefore, lovers of the beautiful and who are fond of recreation
Go visit the Dell of Colinton without hesitation;
And revel among the scenery on a fine summer day,
And it will elevate your spirits, and make you feel gay.

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