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Gerald Massey (Джеральд Масси)

* * *

HOPE on, hope ever! though to-day be dark,
    The sweet sunburst may smile on thee to-morrow:
Tho' thou art lonely, there's an eye will mark
    Thy loneliness, and guerdon all thy sorrow!
Tho' thou must toil 'mong cold and sordid men,
    With none to echo back thy thought, or love thee,
Cheer up, poor heart! thou dost not beat in vain,
    For God is over all, and heaven above thee—
                    Hope on, hope ever.

The iron may enter in and pierce thy soul,
    But cannot kill the love within thee burning:
The tears of misery, thy bitter dole,
    Can never quench thy true heart's seraph yearning
For better things nor crush thy ardour's trust,
    That Error from the mind shall be uprooted,
That Truths shall dawn as flowers spring from the dust,
    And Love be cherisht where Hate was embruted!
                    Hope on, hope ever.

I know 'tis hard to bear the sneer and taunt,
    With the heart's honest pride at midnight wrestle,
To feel the killing canker-worm of Want,
    While rich rogues in their stolen luxury nestle;
For I have felt it.     Yet from Earth's cold Real
    My soul looks out on coming things, and cheerful
The warm Sunrise floods all the land Ideal,
    And still it whispers to the worn and tearful,
                    Hope on, hope ever.

Hope on, hope ever! after darkest night,
    Comes, full of loving life, the laughing Morning;
Hope on, hope ever!   Spring-tide, flusht with light,
    Aye crowns old Winter with her rich adorning.
Hope on, hope ever! yet the time shall come,
    When man to man shall be a friend and brother;
And this old world shall be a happy home,
    And all Earth's family love one another!
                    Hope on, hope ever.

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