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Thomas Parnell (Томас Парнелл)

* * *

As Celia with her Sparrow playd
She took a glass unseen
Her mouth she filld
& while he billd
She spirts ye liquor in
Usd to such sweet such rosy lips
He feard no treach'ry there
But love & such
Were too too much
For one poor bird to bear
Against ye Pretty fluttring fool
The Mighty foes combine
So down he Sunk
Bewitchd or drunk
By Beauty or wth wine
But ere left ye Chirping cup
& dropp'd the little head,
The folks who guess
What Birds express
have told me thus he said,
How use the various scenes of joy
at various times to reign?
Men kiss'd in one
They drunk anon
Then after kiss'd again.
But Celia shews short life to grasp
A double store of blisses,
While by her Means
A Bird obtains
At once both Drink & kisses. 

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