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Joanna Baillie (Джоанна Бейли)

On a Sleeping Boy

SLEEP --and while slumber weighs thine eyelids down,
May no foul phantom o'er thy pillow frown;
But brightest visions deck thy tranquil bed,
And angels wings o'ercanopy thy head.
Sleep on, sweet boy! may no dark dream arise
To mar thy rosy rest--thou babe of Paradise!
See where the glowing hands are closely prest,
As when from pray'r he softly sunk to rest;
Mark how with half-clos'd lips and cherub smile,
He looks, as still he pray'd, and slept the while;
Yet, yet they seem as if they whisper'd praise
For all the blessings of his halcyon days.
Bid, Oh, Almighty Father, God and Friend!
Religion's glories on his steps attend;
To shine through all the dreary storms of life,
A splendid beacon in this world of strife;
And when to Thee recall'd, he sinks in death,
May pray'r and praise still bless his parting breath! 

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