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Augusta Webster (Августа Вебстер)

The Sky-Lark’s Song

WINGED voice to tell the skies of earth,
   Dear earth-born lark, sing on, sing clear,
   Sing into heaven that she may hear
;Sing what thou wilt, so she but know
Thine ecstasy of summer mirth
And think "'Tis from the world below!"

Instant, old wont returns fresh brought,
   And her desire goes seeking me,
   For whom her whole world used to be
And all my world for sake of her;
She cannot think an earthward thought
That shall not seem my messenger.

She will be glad for love, and smile,
   Saying "Thank God for joy like ours:
   Saying "There come the kind home hours:
His work-day will be sped ere long,
That keeps him hence this little while.
"Sing, lark, until she know thy song.

Sing of the earth, but sing no care,
   Sing thine own measureless content;
   She will remember what it meant;
Griefs are too base, but, carolling thus,
Thou with thy joy mayst reach her there,
And she joy too remembering us.

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