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Eliza Acton (Элиза Актон)


"Tis ev'ning now!" — the vesper-star
With smiles of beauty glads the sky,
And breathings from the light guitar,
Are blending with the minstrel's sigh.

To stillness hush'd the purple wave
Reflects the cloudless heav'n above;
And not a sound floats o'er it, save
Sweet music from the lips of love;

And the full chorus clear, and deep,
From the gay gondoliers, who ply
Their oar's with light, and measur'd sweep,
While mingling that rich melody.

And gently o'er the glitt'ring tide,
While gales of odour round them play,
There Adria's dark-eyed daughters glide,
In pleasure's search,—away, away !

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