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Albert Laighton (Альберт Лейтон)

My Native River

Like an azure vein from the heart of the main,
Pulsing with joy for ever,
By verdurous Isles, with dimpled smiles,
Floweth my native river.

Singing a song as it flows along,
Hushed by the Ice-king never;
For he strives in vain to clasp a chain
O'er thy fetterless heart, brave river!

Singing to me as full and free
As it sang to the dusky daughters,
When the light canoe like a sea-bird flew
Over its peaceful waters;

Or when by the shore of Sagamore
They joined in their mystic dances;
Where the lover's vow is whispered now,
By the light of maiden glances.

Oh, when the dart shall strike my heart,
Speeding from Death's full quiver,
May I close my eyes where smiling skies
Bend o'er my native river.

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