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Alice Guerin Crist (Элис Гуерин Крист)


All rank on rank the tall white lillies stood,
 The graceful palms against the rose-flushed sky
Showed gemmed with dew-drops, and red poppies glowed
 Through the rank grass near by.

All hushed the air was - rapt and clear and still
 The earth, late racked with pain
Felt it's insensate form with rapture thrill
 And hope was born again

But in that garden there was silence deep,
 All nature waited - till a ringing cry
'Rabboni! Master!' cleft the dewey air,
 And swift the listening sky

Flashed into splendour, and the sun leaped up
 And all creation thrilled with joy new-born
Hailing Our risen Lord with ectasy
 On that first Easter morn.

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