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Abram Joseph Ryan (Абрам Джозеф Райан)

“Out of the Depths”

        Lost!  Lost!  Lost!
The cry went up from a sea --
The waves were wild with an awful wrath,
Not a light shone down on the lone ship's path;
        The clouds hung low:
        Lost!  Lost!  Lost!
Rose wild from the hearts of the tempest-tossed.

        Lost!  Lost!  Lost!
The cry floated over the waves --
Far over the pitiless waves;
It smote on the dark and it rended the clouds;
The billows below them were weaving white shrouds
    Out of the foam of the surge,
    And the wind-voices chanted a dirge:
        Lost!  Lost!  Lost!
Wailed wilder the lips of the tempest-tossed.

        Lost!  Lost!  Lost!
Not the sign of a hope was nigh,
In the sea, in the air, or the sky;
And the lifted faces were wan and white,
There was nothing without them but storm and night
    And nothing within but fear.
    But far to a Father's ear:
        Lost!  Lost!  Lost!
Floated the wail of the tempest-tossed.

        Lost!  Lost!  Lost!
Out of the depths of the sea --
Out of the night and the sea;
And the waves and the winds of the storm were hushed,
And the sky with the gleams of the stars was flushed.
        Saved!  Saved!  Saved!
    And a calm and a joyous cry
    Floated up through the starry sky,
In the dark -- in the storm -- "Our Father" is nigh.

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