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Edmund Spenser (Эдмунд Спенсер)

Amoretti 69. The famous warriors of the anticke world

The famous warriors of the anticke world
Us’d trophees to erect in stately wize,
In which they would the records have enrold
Of theyr great deeds and valorous emprize.
What trophee then shall I most fit devize,
In which I may record the memory
Of my loves conquest, peerlesse beauties prise,
Adorn’d with honour, love, and chastity!
Even this verse, vowd to eternity,
Shall be thereof immortall moniment,
And tell her praise to all posterity,
That may admire such worlds rare wonderment;
  The happy purchase of my glorious spoile,
  Gotten at last with labour and long toyle. 

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