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Abram Joseph Ryan (Абрам Джозеф Райан)

A Memory (One bright memory shines like a star)

One bright memory shines like a star
 In the sky of my spirit forever;
And over my pathway it flashes afar
 A radiance that perishes never.

One bright memory -- only one;
 And I walk by the light of its gleaming;
It brightens my days, and when days are done
 It shines in the night o'er my dreaming.

One bright memory, whose golden rays
 Illumine the gloom of my sorrows,
And I know that its lustre will gladden my gaze
 In the shadows of all my to-morrows.

One bright memory; when I am sad
 I lift up my eyes to its shining,
And the clouds pass away, and my spirit grows glad,
 And my heart hushes all its repining.

One bright memory; others have passed
 Back into the shadows forever;
But it, far and fair, bright and true to the last,
 Sheds a light that will pass away never.

Shine on, shine always, thou star of my days!
 And when Death's starless night gathers o'er me,
Beam brighter than ever adown on my gaze,
 And light the dark valley before me.

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