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Lydia Huntley Sigourney (Лидия Сигурни)

Miss Alice Beckwith

Died at Hartford, September 23d, 1859.

The beautiful hath fled
  To join the spirit-train;
Earth interposed with strong array,
Love stretch'd his arms to bar her way,
  All,--all in vain.

There was a bridal hope
  Before her crown'd with flowers;
The orange blossoms took the hue
With which the cypress dank with dew
  Darkeneth our bowers.

Affections strong and warm
  Sprang round her gentle way,
Young Childhood, with a moisten'd eye,
And Friendship's tenderest sympathy
  Watch'd her decay.

Disease around her couch
  Long held a tyrant sway,
Till vanished from her cheek, the rose,
And the fair flesh like vernal snows
  Wasted away.

Yet the dark Angel's touch
  Dissolv'd that dire control,
And where the love-knot cannot break
Nor pain nor grief intrusion make,
  Bore the sweet soul.

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