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Mathilde Blind (Матильда Блайнд)

A Fantasy

I was an Arab,
   I loved my horse;
Swift as an arrow
   He swept the course.

Sweet as a lamb
   He came to hand;
He was the flower
   Of all the land.

Through lonely nights
   I rode afar;
God lit His lights—
   Star upon star.

God's in the desert;
   His breath the air:
Beautiful desert,
   Boundless and bare!

Free as the wild wind,
   Light as a foal;
Ah, there is room there
   To stretch one's soul.

Far reached my thought,
   Scant were my needs:
A few bananas
   And lotus seeds.

Sparkling as water
   Cool in the shade,
Ibrahim's daughter,
   Beautiful maid.

Out of thy Kulleh,
   Fairest and first,
Give me to drink
   Quencher of thirst.

I am athirst, girl;
   Parched with desire,
Love in my bosom
   Burns as a fire.

Green thy oasis,
   Waving with Palms;
Oh, be no niggard,
   Maid, with thy alms.

Kiss me with kisses,
   Buds of thy mouth,
Sweeter than Cassia
   Fresh from the South.

Bind me with tresses,
   Clasp with a curl;
And in caresses
   Stifle me, girl.

I was an Arab
   Ages ago!
Hence this home-sickness
   And all my woe.

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