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Mathilde Blind (Матильда Блайнд)

In Spring

THE young birds shy twitter
    In hedges and bowers,
Fields brighten and glitter
    With dewdrops and flowers.
Over flood, over fallow,
    Impelled by old yearning,
The nest-building swallow
    Exults at returning;
For dark days and hoary
    Are routed and over,
Dark Winter is gone;
    Resplendent in glory,
The earth meets her lover,
    Her bridegroom the Sun.

Must I alone sorrow,
    Despairingly languish,
Breaks never a morrow
    On the night of my anguish?
The jubilant gladness
    In bird, beam, and blossom,
But deepens the sadness
    That weighs on my bosom.
Oh, Spring, in whose azure
    Wake follow the starling,
The daisy, the dove;
    Sweet spendthrift of pleasure,
Brings also my darling,
    Oh bring me my love!

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