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Thomas Osborne Davis (Томас Осборн Дэвис)

Orange and Green Will Carry the Day

AIR--The Protestant Boys.


Ireland! rejoice, and England! deplore--
  Faction and feud are passing away.
'Twas a low voice, but 'tis a loud roar,
  "Orange and Green will carry the day."
      Orange! Orange!
      Green and Orange!
  Pitted together in many a fray--
      Lions in fight!
      And linked in their might,
  Orange and Green will carry the day.
      Orange! Orange!
      Green and Orange!
  Wave them together o'er mountain and bay.
      Orange and Green!
      Our King and our Queen!
  "Orange and Green will carry the day!"


Rusty the swords our fathers unsheathed--
  William and James are turned to clay--
Long did we till the wrath they bequeathed,
  Red was the crop, and bitter the pay!
      Freedom fled us!
      Knaves misled us!
  Under the feet of the foemen we lay--
      Riches and strength
      We'll win them at length,
  For Orange and Green will carry the day!
      Landlords fooled us;
      England ruled us,
  Hounding our passions to make us their prey;
      But, in their spite,
      The Irish UNITE,
  And Orange and Green will carry the day!


Fruitful our soil where honest men starve;
  Empty the mart, and shipless the bay;
Out of our want the Oligarchs carve;
  Foreigners fatten on our decay!
      Therefore blighted,
  Ruined and rent by the Englishman's sway;
      Party and creed
      For once have agreed--
  Orange and Green will carry the day!
      Boyne's old water,
      Red with slaughter!
  Now is as pure as an infant at play;
      So, in our souls,
      Its history rolls,
  And Orange and Green will carry the day!


English deceit can rule us no more;
  Bigots and knaves are scattered like spray--
Deep was the oath the Orangeman swore,
  "Orange and Green must carry the day!"
      Orange! Orange!
      Bless the Orange!
  Tories and Whigs grew pale with dismay,
      When from the North
      Burst the cry forth,
  "Orange and Green will carry the day!"
      No surrender!
      No Pretender!
  Never to falter and never betray--
      With an Amen,
      We swear it again,

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