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Anna Seward (Анна Сьюард)

Sonnet 57. In the chill silence of the winter eve


In the chill silence of the winter eve,
    Thro' Lichfield's darken'd streets I bend my way
    By that sad mansion, where Nerina's Clay
    Awaits the Morning Knell;—and awed perceive,
In the late bridal chamber, the clear ray
    Of numerous lights; while o'er the ceiling stray
    Shadows of those who frequent pass beneath
    Round the pale Dead.—What sounds my senses grieve!
For now the busy hammer's stroke appals,
    That, “in dread note of preparation,” falls,
    Closing the sable lid!—With sighs I bear
These solemn warnings from the House of Woes;
    Pondering how late, for young Nerina, there,
    Joyous, the Love-illumin'd Morn arose.

1. In Lichfield Cathedral the funeral rites are performed early in the Morning. 

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