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Anna Seward (Анна Сьюард)

Sonnet 89. Yon late but gleaming Moon, in hoary light


Yon late but gleaming Moon, in hoary light
    Shines out unveil'd, and on the cloud's dark fleece
    Rests;—but her strengthen'd beams appear to increase
    The wild disorder of this troubled Night.
Redoubling Echos seem yet more to excite
    The roaring Winds and Waters!—Ah! why cease
    Resolves, that promis'd everlasting peace,
    And drew my steps to this incumbent height?
I wish!—I shudder!—stretch my longing arms
    O'er the steep cliff!—My swelling spirits brave
    The leap, that quiets all these dire alarms,
And floats me tossing on the stormy wave!
    But Oh! what roots my feet?—what spells, what charms
    The daring purpose of my Soul enslave?

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