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Anna Seward (Анна Сьюард)

Sonnet 98. Since my griev'd mind some energy regains

Since my griev'd mind some energy regains,
    Industrious habits can, at times, repress
    The weight of filial woe, the deep distress
    Of life-long separation; yet its pains,
Oft do they throb along these fever'd veins.—
    My rest has lost its balm, the fond caress
    Wont the dear aged forehead to impress
    At midnight, as he slept;—nor now obtains
My uprising the blest news, that cou'd impart
    Joy to the morning, when its dawn had brought
    Some health to that weak Frame, o'er which my heart
With fearful fondness yearn'd, and anxious thought.—
    Time, and the Hope that robs the mortal Dart
    Of its fell sting, shall cheer me—as they ought.

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