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Henry Alford (Генри Элфорд)

An Evening in Autumn, near Nether Stowey, Somerset

HOW soothing is that sound of far-off wheels
Under the golden sheen of the harvest-moon!
In the shade-checkered road it half reveals
A homeward-wending group, with hearts in tune
To thankful merriment;—father and boy,
And maiden with her gleanings on her head;
And the last wagon’s rumble heard with joy
In the kitchen with the ending-supper spread.
But while I listening stand, the sound hath ceased;
And hark, from many voices lustily
The harvest-home, the prelude to the feast,
In measured bursts is pealing loud and high;
Soon all is still again beneath the bright
Full moon, that guides me home this autumn night.

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