Phillis Wheatley ( )

To a Clergyman on the Death of His Lady

  WHERE contemplation finds her sacred spring,
  Where heavnly music makes the arches ring,
  Where virtue reigns unsullyd and divine,
  Where wisdom thrond, and all the graces shine,
  There sits thy spouse amidst the radiant throng,
  While praise eternal warbles from her tongue;
  There choirs angelic shout her welcome round,
  With perfect bliss, and peerless glory crownd.
    While thy dear mate, to flesh no more confind,
  Exults a blest, an heavn-ascended mind,
  Say in thy breast shall floods of sorrow rise?
  Say shall its torrents overwhelm thine eyes?
  Amid the seats of heavn a place is free,
  And angels open their bright ranks for thee;
  For thee they wait, and with expectant eye
  Thy spouse leans downward from th empyreal sky:
  O come away, her longing spirit cries,
  And share with me the raptures of the skies.
  Our bliss divine to mortals is unknown;
  Immortal life and glory are our own.
  There too may the dear pledges of our love
  Arrive, and taste with us the joys above;
  Attune the harp to more than mortal lays,
  And join with us the tribute of their praise
  To him, who dyd stern justice to stone,
  And make eternal glory all our own.
  He in his death slew ours, and, as he rose,
  He crushd the dire dominion of our foes;
  Vain were their hopes to put the God to flight,
  Chain us to hell, and bar the gates of light.
     She spoke, and turnd from mortal scenes her eyes,
  Which beamd celestial radiance oer the skies.
    Then thou dear man, no more with grief retire,
  Let grief no longer damp devotions fire,
  But rise sublime, to equal bliss aspire,
  Thy sighs no more be wafted by the wind,
  No more complain, but be to heavn resignd
  Twas thine t unfold the oracles divine,
  To sooth our woes the task was also thine;
  Now sorrow is incumbent on thy heart,
  Permit the muse a cordial to impart;
  Who can to thee their tendrest aid refuse?
  To dry thy tears how longs the heavnly muse!

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