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Felicia Dorothea Hemans (Фелиция Доротея Хеманз)

A Farewell to Abbotsford

These lines were given to Sir Walter Scott at the gate of Abbotsford, in the summer of 1829. He was then apparently in the vigor of an existence whose energies promised long continuance; and the glance of his quick, smiling eye, and the very sound of his kindly voice, seemed to kindle the gladness of his own sunny and benignant spirit in all who had the happiness of approaching him.

HOME of the gifted! fare thee well,
  And a blessing on thee rest!
While the heather waves its purple bell
  O’er moor and mountain crest;
While stream to stream around thee calls,
  And braes with broom are dressed,
Glad be the harping in thy halls,—
  A blessing on thee rest!

While the high voice from thee sent forth
  Bids rock and cairn reply,
Wakening the spirits of the North,
  Like a chieftain’s gathering cry;
While its deep master-tones hold sway
  As a king’s o’er every breast,
Home of the legend and the lay!	
  A blessing on thee rest!

Joy to the hearth and board and bower!
  Long honors to thy line!
And hearts of proof, and hands of power,
  And bright names worthy thine!
By the merry step of childhood, still
  May thy free sward be pressed!
While one proud pulse in the land can thrill,
  A blessing on thee rest!

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