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Helen Gray Cone (Хелен Грей Коун)

Sere Wisdom

  I had remembrance of a summer morn,
  When all the glistening field was softly stirred
  And like a child's in happy sleep I heard
  The low and healthful breathing of the corn.
  Late when the sumach's red was dulled and worn,
  And fainter grew the trite and troublous word
  Of tristful cricket, that replaced the bird,
  I sought the slope, and found a waste forlorn.

  Against that cold clear west, whence winter peers,
  All spectral stood the bleached stalks thin-leaved,
  Dry as papyrus kept a thousand years,
  And hissing whispered to the wind that grieved,
  It was a dream — we have no goodly ears—
  There was no summer-time — deceived! deceived!

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