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Alice Meynell (Элис Мейнелл)


          (I) IN IRELAND

A mirror faced a mirror: ire and hate
    Opposite ire and hate: the multiplied,
The complex charge rejected, intricate,
    From side to sullen side;

One plot, one crime, one treachery, nay, one name,
    Assumed, denounced, in echoes of replies.
The doubt, exchanged, lit thousands of one flame
    Within those mutual eyes.

          (II) IN "OTHELLO"

A mirror faced a mirror: in sweet pain
    His dangers with her pity did she track,
Received her pity with his love again,
    And these she wafted back.

That masculine passion in her little breast
    She bandied with him; her compassion he
Bandied with her. What tender sport! No rest
    Had love's infinity.

          (III) IN TWO POETS

A mirror faced a mirror: O thy word,
    Thou lord of images, did lodge in me,
Locked to my heart, homing from home, a bird,
    A carrier, bound for thee.

Thy migratory greatness, greater far
    For that return, returns; now grow divine
By endlessness my visiting thoughts, that are
    Those visiting thoughts of thine.

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