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Thomas Heywood (Томас Хейвуд)

Search after God

I sought Thee round about, O Thou my God,
In thine abode;
I said unto the earth, "Speak, art Thou He?"
She answered me,
"I am not."  I enquired of creatures all
In general,
Contained therein; they with one voice proclaim
That none amongst them challenged such a name.

I asked the Heavens, sun, moon, and stars, but they
Said, "We obey
The God thou seek'st."  I asked what eye or ear
Could see or hear,
What in the world I might descry or know
Above below;
With a unanimous voice all these things said,
"We are not God, but we by Him were made."

I asked the world's great universal mass
If that God was?
Which with a mighty and strong voice, replied
As stupified,
"I am not He, O man, for know that I
By Him on high
Was fashioned first of nothing, thus instated,
And swayed by Him, by whom I was created."

I asked myself what this great God might be
That fashioned me?
I answered, "the all-potent, sole immense
Surpassing sense;
Unspeakable, inscrutable, eternal,
Lord over all;
The only terrible, strong, just, and true,
Which hath no end, and no beginning knew."

O make us apt to seek, and quick to find,
Thee God, most kind!
Give us love, hope, and faith, in Thee to trust,
Thee God, most just!
Remit all our offences, we entreat,
Most good, most great!
Grant that our willing, though unworthy quest,
May, through thy grace, admit us 'mongst the blest.

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