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Ella Wheeler Wilcox (Элла Уилкокс)


Stupendous was the hour and way
That glorious Victory came:
God's finger left upon that day
An aureole of flame.
For though brave banners were unfurled
Along her conquering course,
Yet Victory's message to the world
Was one of moral force.

No thundering car with rolling drum,
And fettered foes beside,
Proclaimed that Victory had come
Intolerant in her pride.
She came as might a noble queen,
Across the blood-stained sod;
And on her beauteous brow was seen
The Majesty of God.

No thought of prowess or of might
Shone on her earnest face;
But justified, triumphant right
Gave her a solemn grace.
O Victory! Since man had birth
Upon Time's troubled shore,
You never turned upon the earth
So fair a mien before! 

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