Francis Bret Harte ( )


   (SIMPSONS BAR, 1858)

So youve kem yer agen,
  And one answer wont do?
Well, of all the derned men
  That Ive struck, it is you.
O Sal! yers that derned fool from Simpsons, cavortin round yer
   in the dew.

Kem in, ef you WILL.
  Thar,--quit!  Take a cheer.
Not that; you cant fill
  Them theer cushings this year,--
For that cheer was my old mans, Joe Simpson, and they dont make
   such men about yer.

He was tall, was my Jack,
  And as strong as a tree.
Thars his gun on the rack,--
  Jest you heft it, and see.
And YOU come a courtin his widder!  Lord! where can that critter,
   Sal, be!

Youd fill my Jacks place?
  And a man of your size,--
With no baird to his face,
  Nor a snap to his eyes,
And nary--Sho! thar! I was foolin,--I was, Joe, for sartain,--dont

Sit down.  Law! why, sho!
  Im as weak as a gal.
Sal!  Dont you go, Joe,
  Or Ill faint,--sure, I shall.
Sit down,--ANYWHEER, where you like, Joe,--in that cheer, if you
   choose,--Lord! wheres Sal?

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