William Barnes ( )

Second Collection. The Slantèn light o Fall

Ah! Jeäne, my maïd, I stood to you,
 When you wer christend, small an light,
Wi tiny eärms o red an blue,
 A-hangèn in your robe o white.
We brought ye to the hallowd stwone,
Vor Christ to teäke ye vor his own,
When harvest work wer all a-done,
An time brought round October zun
 The slantèn light o Fall.

An I can mind the wind wer rough,
 An gatherd clouds, but brought noo storms,
An you did nessle warm enough,
 Ithin your smilèn mothers eärms.
The whindlèn grass did quiver light,
Among the stubble, feäded white,
An if at times the zunlight broke
Upon the ground, or on the vok,
 Twer slantèn light o Fall.

An when we brought ye drough the door
 O Knapton Church, a child o greäce,
There clusterd round amost a score
 O vok to zee your tiny feäce.
An there we all did veel so proud,
To zee an opnèn in the cloud,
An then a stream o light break drough,
A-sheenèn brightly down on you
 The slantèn light o Fall.

But now your times a-come to stand
 In church, a-blushèn at my zide,
The while a bridegroom vrom my hand
 Ha took ye vor his faïthvul bride.
Your christèn neäme we gid ye here,
When Fall did cool the weästèn year;
An now, ageän, we brought ye drough
The doorway, wi your surneäme new,
 In slantèn light o Fall.

An zoo vur, Jeäne, your life is feäir,
 An God ha been your steadvast friend,
An mid ye have mwore jaÿ than ceäre,
 Vor ever, till your journeys end.
An Ive a-watchd ye on wi pride,
But now I soon mus leave your zide,
Vor you ha still lifes spring-tide zun,
But my life, Jeäne, is now a-run
 To slantèn light o Fall.

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