William Barnes ( )

Second Collection. Spring

Now the zunny aïrs a-blowèn
Softly over flowers a-growèn;
An the sparklèn light do quiver
On the ivy-bough an river;
Bleätèn lambs, wi woolly feäces,
Now do plaÿ, a-runnèn reäces;
   An the springèn
   Larks a-zingèn,
Lik a dot avore the cloud,
High above the ashes shoud.

Housèn, in the open brightness,
Now do sheen in spots o whiteness;
Here an there, on upland ledges,
In among the trees an hedges,
Where, along by vlocks o sparrows,
Chattrèn at the ploughmans harrows,
   Dousty rwoaded,
Jenny, though her cloak is thin,
Do wish en hwome upon the pin.

Zoo come along, noo longer heedvul
Ov the viër, leätely needvul,
Over grass o slopèn leäzes,
Zingèn zongs in zunny breezes;
Out to work in copse, a-mootèn,
Where the primrwose is a-shooèn,
   An in gladness,
   Free o sadness,
In the warmth o Spring vorget
Leafless winters cwold an wet.

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: 1531

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