William Barnes ( )

Third Collection. Comen Hwome

As clouds did ride wi heästy flight,
An woods did sway upon the height,
An bleädes o grass did sheäke, below
The hedge-row brembles swingèn bow,
I come back hwome where winds did zwell,
 In whirls along the woody gleädes,
 On primrwose beds, in windy sheädes,
To Burnleys dark-treed dell.

There hills do screen the timbers bough,
The trees do screen the leäzes brow,
The timber-sheäded leäze do bear
A beäten path that we do wear.
The path do stripe the leäzes zide,
 To willows at the rivers edge.
 Where hufflèn winds did sheäke the zedge,
An sparklèn weäves did glide.

An where the river, bend by bend,
Do dräin our meäd, an mark its end,
The hangèn leäze do teäke our cows,
An trees do sheäde em wi their boughs,
An I the quicker beät the road,
 To zee a-comèn into view,
 Still greener vrom the sky-lines blue,
Wold Burnley our abode.

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