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Ella Wheeler Wilcox (Элла Уилкокс)


If any line that I ever penned, 
Or any word I have spoken, 
Has comforted heart of foe or friend -
In any way, why my life, I’ll say, 
Has reaped the reward of labour, 
If aught I have said, or written, has made
Gladder the heart o’ my neighbour.

If any deed that I ever did
Lightened a sad heart’s sorrow, 
If I have lifted a drooping lid
Up to the bright to-morrow, 
Though the world knows not, nor gives me a thought, 
Nor ever can know, nor praise me, 
Yet still I shall say, to my heart alway, 
That my life and labour repay me.

If in any way I have helped a soul, 
Or given a spirit pleasure, 
Then my cup of joy, I shall think is full
With an overflowing measure.
Though never an eye, but the one on high
Looks on my kindly action, 
Yet, O my heart, we shall think of our part
In the drama, with satisfaction.

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