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Ella Wheeler Wilcox (Элла Уилкокс)


Not like a daring, bold, aggressive boy, 
Is inspiration, eager to pursue, 
But rather like a maiden, fond, yet coy, 
Who gives herself to him who best doth woo.

Once she may smile, or thrice, thy soul to fire, 
In passing by, but when she turns her face, 
Thou must persist and seek her with desire, 
If thou wouldst win the favor of her grace.

And if, like some winged bird she cleaves the air, 
And leaves thee spent and stricken on the earth, 
Still must thou strive to follow even there, 
That she may know thy valor and thy worth.

Then shall she come unveiling all her charms, 
Giving thee joy for pain, and smiles for tears; 
Then shalt thou clasp her with possessing arms, 
The while she murmurs music in thine ears.

But ere her kiss has faded from thy cheek, 
She shall flee from thee over hill and glade, 
So must thou seek and ever seek and seek
For each new conquest of this phantom maid.

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