Ellis Parker Butler ( )

To Jessica, Gone Back to the City

Sence fair Jessica hez left us
Seems ez ef she hed bereft us,
When she went, o half o livin;
Fer we never knowed shed driven
Into us so much content,
Till fair Jessica hed went.
  (Knowed a feller once thet cried
  When his yaller dog hed died.)

We haint near ez bright an chirky,
An the sun shines blue an murky,
Kind o sadly an dishearted,
Like ets sperret bed departed;
Just ez ef ets joy bed ceased
Sence fair Jessica s gone East.
  (Not but what ets always sober
  Sort o weather in October.)

Then the posies, too, seems human,
An hez all quit o their bloomin;
An the trees they show a pallor
An hey turned a heart-sick yaller,
Sayin, No use livin on
Ef fair Jessica hez gone.
  (Folks thet knows sez this ez all
  Very common in the fall.)

Truth ez, Im a-feelin sadly;
Things ez goin kind o badly
Round my heart an other vitals
(Brings on poetry recitals
O my woes most evry day)
Sence fair Jessicas away.
  (Kind o think thet I will haf ter
  Smoke a leetle less hereafter.)

But, with fun aside, you know,
Were blamed sorry she must go;
An we hope shell think, maybe,
Z well o us ez we o she.

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